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We hope all our family and friends are enjoying this last holiday season of the century!
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We start this letter on a sad note, John’s Great Aunt Ronnie passed away in October at the age of 92. She had been in poor health for the past year. Here is a picture of Aunt Ronnie with brother Gunner in the 1930’s. Both won several awards as ski jumpers.


The girls and life in general kept us all busy this year. Katie is now 3 ½. This summer she enjoyed taking swim classes again. She loves the water (especially jumping in). Although she tends to be shy around strangers, if the stranger was a swimming instructor, she lost all traces of shyness. In September, she started preschool. She attends school two half days a week. So far, she seems to enjoy her classmates and is adjusting to the new routine.
Kristi celebrated her first birthday on October 1. As of this writing, she is not walking, but it won’t be long. She has a fast crawl and is walking around tables and everything else she can grab on to. Unlike Katie, Mom, and Dad, Kristi has kept her beautiful blue eyes. While Katie is in preschool, Kristi and Renee started attending a "baby play class."


John and Renee continue toiling away at their respective "jobs." Earlier in the year John was promoted to Manager of SAP Applications Development Support. It is considered a "Thank You" promotion. This is where they give him a new title and ask him to work longer hours with more staff and responsibilities for the same pay. His response to this is supposed to be "Thank you." This is John’s 7th year at Nestle and he still remains only 6 numbers away from retirement. Katie thinks the only reason John works at Nestle is so he can bring home candy and other "treats." Renee worked briefly during this past tax season; just enough so her brain didn't completely turn to mush. The rest of the time she spent at home taking care of the girls and doing assorted errands and chores.
For fun this year, we did manage a short vacation in San Diego for a few days in February. We went to the zoo and Seaworld. It was a nice change of scenery for all of us. John enjoys playing softball on a men’s league one night a week. They took 1st place in the Winter Long Beach league and are currently in 2nd place in the Fall Los Alamitos league. Renee enjoys running when time allows and has recently started dabbling in spinning and kickboxing classes.


With that we leave you with the warmest of Holiday blessings.


John, Renée, Katie & Kristi Gundhus


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