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Kristi graduated from Los Alamitos High School in June.  During spring break, she served Door Of Faith Orphanage in Mexico with Bridges Church.  She brought Katie with her to their Young Adult Bible Study and they have enjoyed it tremendously.  She is now a freshman in college at Azusa Pacific University, studying English with a concentration in writing.  She hopes her studies will help to prepare her for a career of publishing fiction and poetry.  She enjoys playing guitar and is planning to join a choir at her school in the coming year.  Her favorite part of the summer vacation was visiting Eze Castle in France and her favorite country, Scotland.



In 2017 Katie studied abroad with her college for a semester, traveling to Detroit, Spain, Morocco (pictured with a camel) and Israel for three months to study cross-cultural religion. Some of the best parts were growing closer to her team, creating unforgettable memories, eating incredible food, experiencing Easter and Holy Week in Israel, being baptized in the Jordan River as well as seeing new cities, countries, oceans and continents. In the summer, the Gundhus went to Europe and Katie enjoyed visiting old friends, meeting new friends, visiting Gibraltar (where the study abroad team visited 3 months prior) and returning to one of her favorite places for a week: Scotland!  Katie worked on staff at her home church for the summer as an administrative assistant and received a promotion at her school job as a shift manager in the campus dining department. Katie is half way through her senior year in college and is excited to never do homework again.



Renee was increasingly busy this year with work as the firm shes been at for the last few years continues to grow.  It was a major change in late August when both Katie and Kristi moved into their dorm rooms and she had no one to pack a lunch for or pick up from school.  She ran the same 3 half marathons this year as in the last few, Long Beach, Surf City, and Orange County. Orange County in May was the most memorable as it rained and hailed, (yes it hailed in Southern California in May).  Her favorite part of the summer vacation was visiting and staying in Tobermory, Scotland.



John started the year off by getting hip replacement surgery.  After 3 months of a walker, crutches & physical therapy hes fully recovered and is back to walking & cycling.  He even completed the Long Beach Marathon in October (very slowly, but faster than his 2016 time).  John has been with Nestle for 25 years.  The Glendale office is relocating to Virginia so in early 2018 hell know more about his job.  Regardless, retirement is in his near future and has started a countdown!  He did retire as coach of the softball team after 27 years, 65 Seasons, 17 Championships, 409 wins and lots of lifelong friends and great memories!!!  His favorite part of the summer vacation was seeing the Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo show next to the Castle.  It was an outstanding performance of bagpipes, bands, dancers & fireworks that they only perform every August as part of the Fringe Festival.

Gibraltar with Morocco on the left


We lost our last two guinea pigs this year, Millie and Ginny a few months a part.  We had a total of 4 guinea pigs over the last 9 years.



Isle of Staffa

Duart Castle

Tobermory Bay

Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond
with our amazing guide, Pete


We enjoyed some great trips this year.  We started the year on a New Years cruise in the Caribbean. In late July we flew to London and enjoyed our first Mediterranean cruise visiting some ports in the South of France, Rome and Florence Italy, Malaga, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal.  We ended the trip visiting Scotland on a four day bus tour.  We stayed in Tobermory on the isle of Mull, a beautiful quaint little seaside town as well as day trips to Iona and Staffa.  Then, John and Renee did a New England and Canada cruise in October, the first trip without the girls since they were born.


Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy holiday season and 2018.

John, Renee, Katie, and Kristi Gundhus

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