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Kristi is a senior at Los Alamitos High School.  She remains active in her theatre department as well as improv team.  Last April, she along with her four hilarious teammates, went to the California State Thespian Festival in Upland and won 1st place for Improvisation.  She is now focusing on applying to colleges near home.



Katie is not in her third year at Life Pacific College and is studying Transformational Ministry.  She has been working hard at the Cafe, her school's cafeteria, for going on 18 months and loves working with her encouraging co-workers.  Katie's favorite part of this summer's vacaton was visiting Portland and Kennebunkport, Maine and Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada, but overall, she loved taking pictures of everything along the way.


Renee continued to work more this year due to the continued growth of the accounting firm she works for.  It was the busiest tax season since before Katie and Kristi were born.  She ran three half marathons this year, Surf City, Orange County, and Long Beach,  the first two alone and Long Beach with John.  Her favorite part of the summer vacation was sightseeing and shopping in Kennebunkport and Portland, Maine.


John is still with Nestle after 24 years and is now working from home which saves him over 2.5 hours of commuting each day.  He also continues to enjoy volunteering at their Church services with Cameria, and computers/lighting.  His softball teams won 2 champoinships and the team he coaches surpassed their 400th win milestone.  John also started playing Badminton again with his doubles partner from the 80s.  They won the men's double tournament in April.  Unfortunately John forgot his age and decided to play men's singles in June and tore his Achilles tendon.   He's recovering and walked the LB Half Marathon in October.



On a sadder note, out oldest guinea pig, Butter passed away in April.  We had her for six years, which is pretty old for a guinea pig.




We had two great trips this year.  Between last Christmas and New years, we took a Caribbean cruise, leaving out of Tampa, Florida.  In July we flew to Baltimore and took a cruist that sailed to Bermuda and then headed north with stops in Boston, Massachusetts, Portland and Bar Harbor, Maine, St. John's, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia.  After that we did a day trips to New York and Philadelphia then a four-day bus tour and stopped in Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.







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