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We enjoyed an amazing vacation in July.  We flew to London and set sail from Harwich, England cruising through the Baltic Sea.  We visited Copenhagen, Denmark, and enjoyed kayaking, Stockholm, Sweden, Helsinki, Finland, St. Petersburg, Russia, Tallinn Estonia, Gothenburg, Sweden and Oslo, Norway.  After the cruise, we visited London and saw Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, had a fancy English tea and enjoyed exploring London on the Tube.  We also saw a play at the Noel Coward Theatre starring Daniel Radcliffe. We missed the birth of the royal baby by a week or so, but John bought UK magazines so we could get caught up on the news and pictures.



Kristi is now a freshman at Los Alamitos High School. Her favorite subjects are English and Drama. At the end of last year, she went to a private audition in hopes to get into the school’s Intermediate Drama program where she is one of two other freshmen accepted. This previous summer she went to New York and Washington DC with her eighth grade class, church camp at a university with her sister, and a European Cruise with her family. Her favorite thing in the world is music. She plays the guitar, piano, and ukulele. The next instrument she plans on playing is the banjo. Her hobbies include; reading, writing, and drawing/painting. Her favorite part of the European vacation was kayaking in Copenhagen, Denmark.


This year, Katie swam with Los Alamitos High School's Junior Varsity girls' team and won Sunset League Championship undefeated.  Katie's favorite part of the Europe trip was seeing Norway, The Eye and Big Ben in London. For a week in the middle of August, Katie went with Parkcrest Church to Globe, Arizona to serve the San Carlos Apache people on the reservation. In the mornings, the team went to work on the site, where the students built a wooden deck and ramp for an elderly couple in four days. Then, in the afternoons, they went to two different playgrounds and spent time playing with the kids and families of this troubled area. Katie had an incredible time with the kids there and Katie was given the opportunity to photograph the kids and give them their pictures, which was a huge highlight of her experience there. She also taught many of the girls how to knit and participated in the water slide (pictured). Katie hopes to travel back to the Indian Reservation very soon. Katie has started her senior year and is the process of applying to colleges and preparing for her graduation this June. Katie spends most of her days with preschoolers with a program at school, volunteering at church as the leader (known as 'Miss Katie' to about 40 preschool and kindergarteners) and babysitting. Katie is around young kids more often than not and loves every second of it. In her spare time, if any, she loves to attend church and is heavily involved in the high school ministry. She loves to knit, sew, cross stitch and take pictures for her AP photography class.


Renee keeps busy with house stuff, working part time, and taking care of her parents.  Renee’s favorite part of the European trip was seeing Westminster Abbey in London and getting a spa treatment on the ship.  This was a difficult year with mom.  She fell in June at their house, and after that couldn’t take care of herself so she and dad are now in the same assisted living facility.   We are currently getting the house they moved into 49 years ago ready to sell.  The Long Beach Half Marathon in October is a highlight of the year, 12th years in a row!



John’s just hit 21 years at Nestle.  The Softball team did well in 2013 taking 1st in the regular season twice and 2nd in the playoffs.  They now play in Bellflower and next season will be their 55th.  John ran his 2nd LB ½ Marathon in a row and signed up for another in 2014.  Everything about the European vacation was great but his fondest memories were, going back to his family’s roots in Norway and spoiling himself by reading a book on the deck through the Baltic sea while the rest of the family sufferer and sacrificed through hair appointments and deluxe spa treatments.  An unexpected highlight was his friend and teammate Walt invited him to fly in his plane with his son Jeff.  He even got to fly it for part of the trip from Fullerton to Hemet.




We hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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