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We hope all of you are enjoying the Holiday season.  Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to this year.



Kristi is in 8th grade, is 14 and swims with her sister at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Base. This past summer, on our vacation, Kristi's dreams came true when we visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. In her free time, Kristi has taught herself, through the internet, how to play guitar and has learned a few songs. She also likes to draw, read and watch her favorite television show, Doctor Who.


2012 was a crazy year for Katie. Katie is now a junior at Los Alamitos High School and turned 16 this year. She is on the swim team at Los Al and swims at the Los Alamitos Armed Forces Base during off-season with her sister. This May, Katie finished her goal of raising $2000 to build four churches in India and during the first weekend of December, spoke in front of our church, Parkcrest, about her fundraising journey and dedication to living her life for Christ so far. In September, Katie chose to be baptized with a hundred others from her church. Katie spends her free time at church, volunteering with who knows what, also crafting-sewing, knitting and running to the thrift store.


Renee had a busy and challenging year.  Her dad was hospitalized twice in April and May for pneumonia.  He continues to live in a board and care suffering mostly from breathing issues and very pool mobility.  Renee’s mom was hospitalized in September for kidney failure, tests showing she was mainly just dehydrated.  Tests showed that she had a small stroke sometime in the last year, which has affected her memory.  She no longer drives but is still living at home.  Renee goes over once or twice a week to take them to doctor appointments and run errands.  Renee continues to work part time and is trying to multi task better.


John just passed the 20 year milestone at Nestle.  Another milestone is his softball team finishing 50 seasons together.  Average team age is 48 years old so the focus is having fun and living to tell about it.  He also ran in the LB ˝ Marathon in October and improved his time by about 32 minutes over the last one he ran in 2008.  To try to unwind, he throws a few darts, watches Katie’s crafting and wardrobe creations, joins Kristi watching Dr. Who and helps out part time with the weekend Church services on the computers, lighting and camera support.


We were able to take a wonderful vacation this summer.  We flew to Orlando, Florida and took an eastern Caribbean cruise, stopping in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and St. Maarten.  After the cruise, we spent four days in Orlando near the Universal Studios theme parks and finished with a few days in the Disney area.  Our favorite part was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter  J.  Our least favorite was 3 days in the rain during Tropical Storm Debby.  L


In October, we lost our first guinea pig, Mimi after a two day illness.  We had Mimi about 4 ˝ years.  We all miss her very much.  About a month later we got two guinea pigs to join our second guinea pig, Butter.  The babies’ names are Millie and Ginny.  Butter seems to enjoy being “Mama” to the little ones.


We hope you all have a great Christmas and 2013.



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