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We hope all of you are enjoying the Holiday season.  Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to this year. 

Kristi is 12 and in the 6th grade at McAuliffe Middle School in Los Alamitos.  She is enjoying singing in the 6th grade choir.  She and her sister continue to swim in the YMCA swim team.  Kristi also enjoys participating in the Jr. High youth group at our church.  In March, Kristi got braces, which she has adjusted to pretty well.

 Katie is 14 and a freshman (how did that happen!) at Los Alamitos High School.    She is very involved in the high school group at church and has been volunteering to help take care of the kindergarten kids during Sunday services.  She is going to try out for the high school swim team in January.  During her free time, Katie loves spending time with her friends either in person or on Facebook, and checking out you tube videos.

 Renee continues to work part time during tax season and spends most of her time driving Katie and Kristi where they need to go.  She ran the half marathon at the Long Beach Marathon in October.

 John continues to work at Nestle in the Telecommunications team.  The softball team John coaches took 2nd place in the Summer league and will finish the Fall season in January.  The team’s average age just turned 50 years young.  He also volunteers at Parkcrest Christian Church during the services on the computer, lights and is being trained on the cameras.

 We enjoyed a few fun trips this year.  In July, we spent a few days in Catalina.  The highlight of the trip was renting segways and driving them around.   We also did the new zip line that opened up earlier this year.  It was fun and a little terrifying. They told us we reached speeds of over 30 miles an hour while soaring a few hundred feet above the canyons.  In August we drove up to Lake Tahoe and camped for a few nights with our friends the Childress family.  On the way home we spent a night in Solvang.  We played So Cal tourists one day and went on a tour of stars home and went to the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs for lunch.

 We have one new addition to the family this year.  Kristi’s friend gave us one of her guinea pig’s babies.  Her name is “Butter” because she is a very light tan color.  Mimi (our guinea pig) was a good sport about sharing her home with her.   Sadly, LB, the cat that came with our house when we moved in 12 years ago, passed away in October.

 We had minimal home improvements this year.  When the washer died we replace both… by renting a Genie Lift and hoisting it through the 2nd story window since the doorway was too narrow to get it through.

 We hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


John, Renee, Katie & Kristi Gundhus



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