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Here is another holiday season upon us.  We hope this time finds all of you doing well.  This was a busy and eventful year for us.


Kristi is 10 years old and is in the fourth grade.  Kristi now attends Los Alamitos Elementary School.  We changed from the Long Beach to the Los Alamitos School district this year so the girls will be able to eventually attend Los Alamitos High School.  They are adjusting well to this change.  Kristi loves to read and is rarely without a book in her hand.  Kristi continues to swim and play piano.  Kristi wanted to get a guinea pig so Mimi joined our family in March.


Katie is 12 years old and is in the seventh grade.  She now attends McAuliffe Middle School.  Katie has grown by leaps and bounds.  She is 5’5” tall and is now taller than her mom.  Katie enjoyed a week in Arizona at a church camp in August.  Katie is also swimming in the YMCA swim club.  We recently changed swim clubs from the Lakewood YMCA to the Los Altos YMCA in Long Beach.  The girls are looking forward to a swim meet in December.


Renee’s year was similar to years past – keeping busy with the girls and house, working part-time during tax season, and running a half marathon at the Long Beach Marathon in October.


John refused to turn 50 lying down so he ran in the 2008 LB ˝ Marathon.  The entry fee was expensive but his strategy was to take a long time to finish making the cost per minute very cheap.  His softball team won the playoffs in January and passed the 250 win mark this summer.  They’re currently in 2nd place in the Fall league.  John is also hanging in there at Nestle and just passed his 16th year with the company.  He traveled to Anderson, IN. and Danville, VA.  He also combined visiting the Mullen’s in Washington D.C. the weekend before the Danville conversion.


We spent the first six months or so of the year finishing our bathroom remodel that we started the summer before.  We are very happy with the results.  At times, we thought it would never be finished, but that seems to be what everyone says about remodels.

We took time out during the Easter break to visit our friends the Childress’ in Keizer Oregon as well as a few days at the Sun River Resort in Bend, Oregon.  The entire trip was great but the best part for the girls was taking 2 horseback riding tours.


We hope all of you have a great holiday season and 2009!



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