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Happy holidays to all our family and friends.  Here's a short recap of what we have been up to this year.  Please click on any of the thumbnails for a larger picture.


Kristi is 8 years old and is in the second grade.  Besides school, she has been keeping busy with swim club, piano lessons, and Brownie girl scouts.  In November, Kristi won second place in a literature contest at school.  The theme was “my favorite place.”  Kristi chose Build a Bear Workshop. Kristi loves to spent time with friends, read, and knit in her spare time.


Katie is 10 years old and is in fifth grade.  Like Kristi, Katie has also been involved in swim club, piano lessons, and girl scouts.  Katie has grown so much she is starting to wear her mom’s shoes and some clothes.   Katie has recently started running with mom and is dabbling in archery.


Renée (with Kristi) started taking piano lessons in January.  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.  It has been challenging and the recitals are very nerve racking, but overall it has been fun.  As usual, she worked part time this year.  In October, she ran her eighth half marathon at the Long Beach Marathon in 2:02.13.  The rest of the time was largely spent chauffeuring the girls to their activities and taking care of home stuff.

This year for John was about less not more.  Less weight that is.  He’s dropped about 40 lbs. since last Christmas.  John still plays softball and was on the 1st place undefeated coed team at Parkcrest.  His men’s team played 3 seasons this year finishing 3rd in 2 of the playoffs and is currently in 2nd place in the fall season.  To waste time, he moved the team’s website and added a Blog.  John has been with Nestlé 14 years and over a year in his role as the Telecom & Network Manager with took him to Solon, Tempe and San Jose this year.


We enjoyed some great vacations this year.  In April, we went to Legoland and camped one night in San Clemente.  In August, the four of us flew to Hawaii and took a 7 day cruise around the islands.  We had a great time and tried surfing, snorkeling, and inner tubing down an irrigation ditch on the island of Kauai.  After the cruise, we spend a few days with our friends who live on Oahu.


We finished our big home improvement project of restuccoing the outside of the house and doing some stone work early in the year and enjoyed taking the rest of the year off from home improvement projects.

 That’s a short recap of our year.  We hope you all have a great holiday season and a happy 2007.



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