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Happy Holidays to all our family and friends.  We had another busy and eventful year.  Please click on any of the thumbnails below to get a larger


2005_kristi_piano.jpg (127461 bytes)2005_renee_katie_piano.jpg (119627 bytes) Kristi turned 7 in October and is in the first grade.  She is enjoying school and has greatly improved her reading and writing skills.  She is also in Brownies and piano lessons.  In June, Kristi joined her sister in swim club at the YMCA.  She has participated in two swim meets.  We are very proud that in November she swam 15 seconds faster in the 25 yard backstroke than she did in the same event in August and improved her time and form in other events.


Katie turned 9 in June and is in the fourth grade.  Katie is in her third year of girl scouts and has been taking piano lessons for two years now.  She also started taking violin lessons at school.  Katie has been in four swim meets this year and has done very well in all her events.  She won first place in the 100 yard individual medley in the last swim meet.

20051119 Weinhart Swim Meet 10.JPG (505951 bytes)


2004_lb_marathon.jpg (183222 bytes) Renée (with Kristi) started taking piano lessons in January.  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.  It has been challenging and the recitals are very nerve racking, but overall it has been fun.  As usual, she worked part time this year.  In October, she ran her eighth half marathon at the Long Beach Marathon in 2:02.13.  The rest of the time was largely spent chauffeuring the girls to their activities and taking care of home stuff.


John sometimes bumps into the piano on his way from the computer to the frig to grab another beer.  He’s checking to see if this qualifies him to play in the next recital.  He has been at Nestlé for 13 years.  Earlier this year when another manager quit, he had the opportunity to cross-train.  After 24 years of software development he now manages the Voice Telecom and Data Networking groups that support over 60 locations in the US.  It’s been pretty overwhelming but it’s a great learning opportunity and quite a challenge.  He has made trips this summer to meet his remote staff in Tempe, AZ. and Solon, OH.  John continues to coach/play softball.  The team won 1st place in the winter league and this fall they moved from Los Alamitos to Cerritos.

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20050116 Alpine Slides - Big Bear 22.jpg (502031 bytes) We had some fun getaways this year.  In January we spent a long weekend in Lake Arrowhead.  The girls took a ski lesson and John and Renee cross country skied for a day.   We ended up staying in a different hotel than originally planned because the first place was flooded as a result of the bad rains we had last winter.  In August, we went on a four day cruise and visited San Diego, Catalina, and Ensenada.  We had a blast both on the ship and on shore excursions. 


This has been a big year in the home improvement department.  Earlier in the year we replaced the roof and front door.  We are currently toward the end of restuccoing and redoing the outside of our house.

That’s a semi short recap of our year.  We hope you all enjoy the holiday season and have a great 2006.


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