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Happy Holidays to all of our family and friends.  Where did the year go?  Here is a quick recap of some of the highlights of our year.  Please click on any of the thumbnails below to get a larger


2004_recital.jpg (184685 bytes) Katie is 8 and is in the third grade.  In January she started taking piano lessons.  On December 4 she participated in her second piano recital.  After taking swim lessons from a phenomenal teacher this summer, she joined a swim club at the YMCA in October.  She was named “Swimmer of the Month” for her age group for the month of November.  Katie entered a photography contest at her school and won an honorable mention for a collage of photos she took using our digital camera.  The contest’s theme was “A Different Kind of Hero.”  Katie chose her sister as her hero.


Kristi is 6 and is enjoying kindergarten.  She is making new friends and is improving everyday in her reading and writing skills.  In the spring she played T-Ball with the City of Cerritos Girl’s Softball and is looking forward to the upcoming season which will be starting in February.  Kristi also improved her swimming skills this summer.

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Renee continues to keep busy with the kids, house, etc.  As usual, she worked part-time during tax season. In September, she celebrated the big 4-0.  After years of contemplating it, she finally ran her second marathon at the Long Beach Marathon on October 10 in a time of 4 hours, 40 minutes.   John, the girls, and our friends Lori and Sherry traveled (via Minivan and Blue Line Metro Rail) throughout the course and were able to offer invaluable encouragement and take photos at miles 6, 12, 16, and 20 as well as the Start and Finish lines.


John is still with Nestlé after 12 years.  For the past 6 years he has been managing the Applications Development Group.  He is still pretending to be a softball player on 2 teams.  His men's team won the Winter Championship and the coed league he's on won the Fall Championship.  Although it's a team sport, the coed league gives out individual awards to the league leaders.  John had the highest batting average the past 2 seasons.  This season he's currently leading the league in RBIs. (a nice way of saying his batting average isn't that good).  Although the Dodgers, Angels and Lakers were a disappointment it was fun to root on John’s and Renee’s alma mater Cal State Fullerton as they won their 4th College World Series.

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There were no home improvement projects to report this year.  We are still recovering from putting in our pool, sauna and BBQ and landscaping last year.  Our next goal is to target the roof.  We hope to start that project in the early 2005 timeframe.


2004_needles.jpg (186209 bytes) In August we spent one night in Needles, did a canoe trip down the Colorado River, and spent a few days in Las Vegas.  The canoe trip was particularly interesting.  The four of us were in our own canoe and paddled down the river.  It was advertised as a ½ day trip.  What they didn’t tell us was it was paddling 12 miles down the river sometimes fighting the wind.  After close to 6 hours of paddling, we finished.  We all slept good that night!  In Las Vegas we did a lot of the family friendly stuff and had a great time. 


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