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Happy Holidays to all of our family and friends.   As always, this year was busy for us with work, school, and juggling all the odds and ends that come our way.


2003softball.jpg (65044 bytes) Katie is seven and in the second grade.  Katie kept busy this year with ice skating lessons, swim lessons, Brownies, and in losing five or six teeth.   She also played softball both in the spring and fall.  Katie received several compliments on her bunting abilities.  Katie just won third place in her age group in a literature contest at her school and received a ribbon and certificate for her story on the topic of what makes her happy.


Kristi is five and is enjoying her last year of preschool.  Kristi and mom just completed a "Parent and Me" ice skating class.  After about the third lesson, Kristi seemed to get used to the ice and seemed to enjoy it.  Kristi made great progress this year in her swimming abilities and is looking forward to starting t-ball next spring.

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2003pool.jpg (143157 bytes) We have a new addition to our family this year.  We had a swimming pool built!  They started ripping our backyard apart in early April and we were swimming by the fourth of July.  It was by far the most extensive home improvement project we have experienced.  There were some challenges along the way, but we are enjoying our new pool, sauna, and barbecue very much.


Other than the excitement of the backyard project, it was more of the same old routine for John this year.  He's still at Nestlé after 11 years.  His team implemented the last phase of a 5-year project in April and they are ramping up for the next large project, which should kickoff in 2004.  He and his gang of old cronies (average age 46.5 years young) continue to defeat father time by playing Softball.   In 2003, his men's team won 1 championship and took 2nd place.  The coed team he plays on also won 1 championship and one 2nd place finish.

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2003marathon.jpg (143320 bytes) Renée continues to stay home most of the time and work part-time, mostly during tax season.  She ran another half marathon (13.1 miles) in October at the Long Beach Marathon in 2 hours and 16 seconds.  She's still a little bummed for not quite breaking 2 hours, but it was an unseasonable warm day for mid-October, how's that for an excuse.


We hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2004!


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Renee, Katie, and Kristi Gundhus

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