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Happy Holidays to all our family and friends.   Here is a short recap of what we have been up to this year.
2002_katie_kristi.jpg (156618 bytes) Katie is six and is in the first grade.  Katie is in school every day until 2:00 and is working hard on her reading, writing, and math skills.  She started in girl scouts (Brownies) this year, which she really enjoys.  She participated in a variety of sports this year, including t-ball, ice skating, dance, and swimming. 
Kristi turned four in October and started preschool in the fall.   She enjoys her classmates and loves to draw and paint.   Kristi’s biggest accomplishments this year were retiring her much-loved pacifier and getting potty-trained.  Kristi enjoyed dance and swim classes this year.  She loves small toys.  We wonder if this is a sign she is detail oriented and may later go for a career in computers or accounting like dad or mom.
Renee keeps busy keeping up with Katie and Kristi (mostly chauffeuring them around) and lots of other daily tasks and projects.   She worked part time during tax season and throughout the year, a lot of it at home, which is great.   In October, she ran a half marathon at the Long Beach Marathon and finished in two hours and four minutes.  Not exactly a blistering fast pace – but it felt great to cross the finish line.
John recently celebrated his 10th year with Nestlé.   With a tough economy, threats of layoffs and a company-wide reorganization, we hope he can make it to 11.  On a more pleasant note, John enjoys playing with the kids still plays men’s and coed softball.  The coed team was undefeated in winning the summer league.  The men’s team won both the summer and fall season and also went undefeated in the fall.  John also enjoys working on the computer, maintaining a web site for their church and for the men’s softball team.

We didn’t take any big vacations this year, but we did buy a tent and camp out one night in Malibu in August.   It was an adventure for all of us, especially Renee who planned on living her life without ever sleeping in a tent.  We also went to Disneyland and some other local tourist attractions.

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We hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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