Will Play For Food

Will Play For Food

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Will Play For Food

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Congratulation on 1st Place and an undefeated season at 10-9!!!

Now Playing: "With A Little Help From My Friends"

We are very privileged to have a generous donation to the

Will Play For Food team each season!!!


Thanks so much to Walt and everyone at:

Ardemco Inc.
dba Marine Plumbing Services

778 West 17th Street
Costa Mesa, CA.
Office:  949-493-4455          Fax:  949-642-9582

Photo Gallery
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2016 Summer
Walt's 70th Birthday
2010 Fall

2010 Fall Runner-Up Sponsors Trophy
They normally only give these for 1st but we got the "coed" plaque and no shirts

Walt and John at Heritage

2009 Fall

2009 Fall Championship Sponsors Trophy

Walt and John at BJ's Pizza

2008 Fall

2008 Fall Championship Sponsors Trophy

Walt and John at Avenue #3

2007 Fall

2007 Fall Championship Sponsors Trophy
(Yes as a matter of fact it is the same damn cheap trophy.  We did get 2 for Walt as our sponsor but unfortunately it was identical to the 2007 summer plaque.
2007 Summer

2007 Summer Championship Sponsors Trophy
2007 Winter

2007 Winter Championship Sponsors Trophy

Walt & John with the 2007 Winter Championship Trophy

2005 Fall
2005f_sponsor_trophy.jpg (109329 bytes)
2005 Fall Championship Sponsors Trophy

2005f_sponsor.jpg (114763 bytes)
Walt & John with the 2005 Fall Championship Trophy

2005 Winter

wpff2005w_league.jpg (117528 bytes)
2005 Winter Championship Sponsors Trophy

2005w_walt.jpg (502002 bytes)
Walt with 2005 Winter Championship Trophy

2004f_sponsor_trophy.jpg (137637 bytes)
2004 Sponsor's Trophy

2004f_walt.jpg (139541 bytes)
Walt with 2004 Award



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