Will Play For Food

Will Play For Food


Will Play For Food

Weekly Announcement

Congratulation on 1st Place and an undefeated season at 10-9!!!

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"When building a team, I always search first for people who love to win.
If I can't find those, I look for people who hate to lose."  --  H. Ross Perot


Name Paid? Field Preferences Status Over 40? E-Mail Address
  Ken Angers dollar.jpg (1879 bytes) 1B 2B C Active Yes kangers@verizon.net
  1 Dave Bauer check.jpg (1667 bytes) L LC 2B Active Yes dave.bauer143r@yahoo.com
  Richard Castellanos dollar.jpg (1879 bytes) C 1B 2B Active Yes rcangels@ca.rr.com
  Dominic Corales dollar.jpg (1879 bytes) 2B RC LC Active Yes dominiccorrales@yayoo.com
  Barry Croxen, Jr dollar.jpg (1879 bytes)       Active No  
  Barry Croxen, Sr dollar.jpg (1879 bytes)       Active Yes  
3 John Gundhus check.jpg (1667 bytes) 1B C R Active Yes gundhus@charter.net     john.gundhus@us.nestle.com
12 Gary Jones dollar.jpg (1879 bytes) SS 3B 2B Active Yes GaryJones@HackAttackGolfClub.com
9 Ken Van Orden dollar.jpg (1879 bytes) C 2B R Active Yes kvokvo@aol.com
22 Tom Rowe check.jpg (1667 bytes) 1B SS 3B Active Yes trspot22@aol.com
  Zach Rowe dollar.jpg (1879 bytes) LC RC L Active Not even close zachrowe222@gmail.com
  Sarge dollar.jpg (1879 bytes)       Active Yes  
44 Jeff Wilson dollar.jpg (1879 bytes) RC R LC Active No jeff5578@verizon.net
15 Walt Wilson dollar.jpg (1879 bytes) P 2B 3B Active Yes wwilson019@aol.com
10 Tom Woodward dollar.jpg (1879 bytes) 2B P SS Active Yes thomas.a.woodward@boeing.com
  Will Avalos N/A LC L RC Substitute No williamavalos7@gmail.com
16 Ken Barry N/A RC R LC Substitute Yes barry4pack@aol.com


Dave Childress N/A R RC 2B Substitute Yes alcanada@charter.net
19 Robbin Messier N/A RC LC L Substitute Yes robbin.messier@health.usc.edu
7 Dean Sears N/A C 1B R Substitute Yes deansears44@gmail.com
8 Ron Sears N/A 2B P RC Substitute Yes rasbas@usa.net
  Donny Webb N/A 3B 2B RC Substutite Yes  
19 Rod Austin NA L LC RC Inactive    
  Rob Baker N/A 3B     Inactive Yes lacokebear@aol.com


Rob Bauer N/A R RC LC Inactive Yes rbauer@lbusd.k12.ca.us
  Richard Castellanos N/A R RC C Inactive Yes  
4 German Chale N/A 2B SS 3B Inactive Yes gchale@me.com
  John Chavez N/A SS 3B 2B Inactive    
91 David Cheng N/A       Inactive No prinze3z5@yahoo.com
  John Cooper N/A L 3B SS Inactive Yes karen.m.cooper@boeing.com
  Jack Corwin N/A RC R LC Inactive ???  
  Greg Cravens N/A RC R 2B Inactive    
  Dave Decker N/A 2B 3B 1B Inactive No  
  John DeRuyter N/A P R C Inactive    
  Paul Deutsch N/A RC R C Inactive Yes paul.t.deutsch@gmail.com
  Dave Dill N/A 2B C 1B Inactive Yes turtledill@aol.com
  Dave Duffy N/A L LC RC Inactive    
  Phil Dutto N/A L LC RC Inactive ???  
  Glenn Eddins N/A 2B LC RC Inactive Yes geddins@msn.com
  Ray Eidinger N/A 2B 3B SS Inactive No  
  George Foreman N/A Bo xi ng Inactive Yes bgfuzzy2@aol.com
  Russ Frazier N/A L LC RC Inactive ??? RuFrazier@fnf.com
  Rick Glover N/A       Inactive   rcglover2004@yahoo.com
7 Zach Goodwin N/A 2B SS Outfield Inactive No goodwin.zach@gmail.com
  Bill HasenJager N/A R RC C Inactive    
  Daryl Holt N/A L LC RC Inactive No darlyholt@hotmail.com
  Darren Huff N/A Outfield     Inactive Yes d.huff@rocketmail.com
  Doug James N/A L LC RC Inactive No asteks535@hotmail.com
  Art Jacob N/A LC L SS Inactive Yes aljacob13@mediaone.net
  Paul Jacob N/A C 2B R Inactive Yes  
  Ferdinand Magtalas N/A       Inactive No  
  Kevin Malloy N/A RC LC R Inactive Yes KevinM@TrenchShoring.com
  Eddie Malonzo N/A R RC 2B Inactive No eddie_malonzo@ci.cerritos.ca.us
  Sonny Malonzo N/A 2B 3B LC Inactive Yes sonnychristy@aol.com
  Troy Malonzo N/A L LC RC Inactive No troymalonzo@yahoo.com
  John Martin N/A SS 3B 2B Inactive Yes rockinfig13@sbcglobal.net
  Todd Mathes N/A       Inactive No ToddMathes@aol.com
  Danny Miller N/A 1B 3B 2B Inactive Yes danny.g.miller@Boeing.com      swmill@aol.com
  Eric Moody N/A       Inactive ???  
8 Pat Nicholas N/A 2B R RC Inactive Yes N/A
  Ron Nunez N/A R L 1B Inactive No CV5RON@aol.com
  Nick Oropeza N/A L LC 3B Inactive No  
  Pete Pearson N/A RC R LC Inactive Yes  
  Mario Penados N/A L LC SS Inactive Yes  
  Rob Price N/A L LC RC Inactive No  
  Mike Reed N/A L LC RC Inactive    
2 Paul Rodriguez N/A L 2B SS Inactive No paulrodriguez@charter.net
16 Charlie Rotter N/A R RC LC Inactive No  
  Paul Shirey N/A Outfield     Inactive   shidog22@aol.com
18 Dave Slone N/A SS 3B 2B Inactive Yes  
  James Squires N/A SS 3B 2B Inactive Yes  
  Ernie Valdes N/A       Inactive    
  Bob Wafer N/A P C SUB Inactive Yes  
  Jim Zehmer N/A L LC RC Inactive    
  Tom Aldea sadface.jpg (2464 bytes) R RC LC Blacklisted   baldea@live.com
  Stephen Bradford sadface.jpg (2464 bytes) Outfield     Blacklisted   sbrad1787@gmail.com
  Daniel Ortiz sadface.jpg (2464 bytes) Outfield     Blacklisted    
2 Anthony Stanley sadface.jpg (2464 bytes) LC L RC Blacklisted No monkeybra69@yahoo.com
11 Greg Warren sadface.jpg (2464 bytes) 1B 3B P Blacklisted Yes gregorydw@yahoo.com


sadface.jpg (2464 bytes) Still needs to Pay
dollar.jpg (1879 bytes) Paid in Cash
check.jpg (1667 bytes) Paid by Check


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