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Will Play For Food

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Will Play For Food

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Congratulation on 1st Place and an undefeated season at 10-9!!!

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2015 Winter Cerritos Hybrid 1st Place

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1999 Fall Cerritos "D"   2nd Place

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Note the blood on the back of the shirt.  Although this is part of the design it's a very accurate representation of the violence of some of the players on this team.

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199X Long Beach "D"   2nd Place

bk199x_bottle.jpg (42853 bytes)

It's very important that I put this photo on the internet so it will be preserved.  The reason being...  It's the only award the Bedrock Kanunas / Zedmen / Roaches ever earned.

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1992 Summer South El Monte "D" Isuzu  League Champion

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1988 Java Lanes Bowling League - O.K. so this isn't a softball team.  But since I'm the doing this website for free, and since this was the greatest bowling team ever, I just had to post a photo.  We clinched 1st place with more than 4 weeks to spare (pun intended).  We also finished 1st on the "Sweeps".   Total domination!!!

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Java Lanes 1988
Sparetime Millionaires 1st Place
J Gundhus

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1987 McDonnell Douglas League Champion

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McDonnell Douglas Slo-Pitch
Fall League '87
Division "D" Champions

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