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Will Play For Food

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Congratulation on 1st Place and an undefeated season at 10-9!!!

The Name

Credits go to Gary who came up with the name and shirt design.  Interesting enough, Gary never has played with us.  This was used on a coed softball team and carried over to the men's team.  Granted, a very silly name, but several people have black t-shirts so it's cheaper to keep the same name.   Please e-mail any suggestions.

Team Charter – In order of importance

  1. Have Fun (Before, During and After)
  2. Do your best
  3. Be supportive of your teammates (and coach)
  4. Celebrate after the game win, lose or tie
  5. Try to win

Type of Team

We started out as a coed team in Artesia.  We also added a men's team in Artesia.  With all the typical problems associated with Coed teams, our team faded away.  The men's team, however continued on.  We moved to Los Alamitos and stayed there for several seasons.  When I got word we were going to have a baby, I decided to turn the management over to another teammate.  Unfortunately, there were no takers so the team also faded away.

Now that I've turned 40, I decided to start another team.   Long Beach offered a 40 and over league, so a team was put together.  Unfortunately, there were only 2 teams who signed up for the league, so they transferred us to a Men's D league.  Hopefully this will keep us playing until we can find a city that has a 40 and over league we can get into.

The next chapter in the Will Play For Food team was to come out of retirement and after losing our 1st game of the season, we were to go on to win 8 and tie in 1 capturing 1st place in the playoffs.  Long Beach thought it would be a good idea to forget to send us sign-up information for the next season so off we're gonna shuffle.   Shuffle off to Los Alamitos.

Things started a little tough in Los Alamitos.  We were put in a D2 league against several strong teams but still gave it our all and finished 4-7.   After being reclassified in a Rec league we took 1st in the regular season and 2nd in the playoffs.

We played in Los Alamitos from 1999 - 2005.  We were in the upper league and the teams kept getting better players to try to win.  It got harder and harder for us to compete.  I also got lots of complaints about the field conditions and some of the other teams were poor sports.

We played in Cerrotos from 2005 - 2013.  We liked the idea that they had 3 leagues.  We would have fit nicely into the middle league.  Unfortunately we usually were in the upper league.  We did pretty well.  We were the regular season champs 6 times, 5 2nd place playoff finishes and 6 playoff championships.  The main reason for leaving was too many games starting at 6 or 6:10 PM or 9:20 PM starts.  MLSB focuses on getting as many games per night on as few fields as possible and it was almost impossible to get a regular turnout to the early games with work schedules & traffic.

We had a cup of coffee at Los Alamitos the summer of 2013.  After having enough of the bad schedules in Cerritos we moved back to Los Alamitos.  The 1st half of the season was great with very close and competitive games.  Then we played the 1st place team for the 2nd time and they showed their poor sportsmanship and violent side but getting in a fight with us.  The ump completely ignored the situation and said both sides participated equally which was total crap.

Currently we're at Bellflower starting the Fall of 2013.  It's cheaper, very well run and so far we fit in very well and are holding our own.  Hopefully the league will continue to be run this well and our team will continue to keep playing.


We are not...

Will Play for Food is a popular name.  Here are some examples:

Williams Grassroots Music - Will Play for Food

Pittsburgh Ultimate League - Will Play for Food

George Lynch Song - Will Play for Food

A Poodle - Will Play for Food

Funk Rock Band - Will Play For Food

An Album by the Twerps - Will Play For Food

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