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Great game! Close the whole way and down 1 in the last inning. We scored 2 on a great walk off hit by Gary. I'm out until August. Please let Coach German know if you can't make the game.


*** John Gundhus ***

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Current Status Active 1st WPFF Season:  Winter 1993 - Charter Member
Hometown: Rockford, Illinois
Birth date: August 15th Zodiac Sign:  Leo Chinese New Year:  Dog
Favorite Positions: 1st Base.  I enjoy catching grounders and flipping the ball to the Pitcher for the out.  Especially when it's a right-hander who thinks going to the opposite field is easier because the weaker fielders are on that side.

Outfield.   With an older team I'm thankful that I can still hobble along enough to play the outfield.  It gets me to run around more which makes the beer taste that much better after the game.

Least Favorite Position: Pitcher.  Too much pressure to always be "on".  A bad night in the outfield might cost a run or two.  A bad night on the mound can usually cost a team the game.  Thank God there's always been great Pitching talent on this team.
Favorite WPFF  Season: This is tough.  There's something about every season that's special.   I can even go as far as to say my favorite season is always "the next one".  Because it means that we're still together as a team and that we're still winning our battle against father time.

I guess I'd have to say Summer 2000.  It was the 1st time we ever lost in the playoffs the first week and then came back to win 3 in a row.  Prior to that, it was always considered an unreachable goal.  When we won it was a feeling of accomplishment that could be compared to when Bob Beamon's long jump record, Lou Gerig's consecutive games or the Bambino's 60 home runs were finally broken.  We were lucky to qualify for the playoffs and to turn it around and beat 2 top teams made it so special.  I remember cheering into Jeff's cell phone after each of the 3 wins to Walt who was listening in on the other end from his hospital bed while going through cancer treatment - which most importantly he has successfully recovered from and is still playing with us..

Favorite WPFF Game: On the 10th Anniversary of my engagement we had the last week of the Summer 2002 Playoffs.  We lost the week before by 1 run to Second Wind because they asked for unlimited runners and anyone.  They used the same 2 fast runners for most of their team and it cost us.  So on the last week we won the 1st game of the triple header by forfeit since Damage was drinking alcohol in the dugout.  That sets the stage for my favorite game...  Game 2 of 3 8/8/2002...

At the team's request I insisted on it being unlimited runners but last out.  They were pissed off but had to agree since their approach was not in the rules.  It was a close battle throughout.   In the last inning we tied it 16-16 with 2 outs and were home team.  Glenn was on 2nd base and I was up.  A base hit would win the game and an out would put us in extra innings.  I remembered being in this situation before and I tried to do too much.  So I just laid a lazy line drive over the 1st baseman's head, Glenn scored from 2nd and we won.  That broke their spirit and we went on to mercy them in the 3rd game 19-2.

Funniest WPFF Story: When I decided to restart the team in 1998, I got all 40 and over players and signed up the the Senior's league in Long Beach.  They only had 1 other team sign up so they gave me a choice of a Monday night Men's league or our all Men's team could play on a coed league.  I choose the Men's league which we won but many of the players said they would have like to play against coed teams.
Favorite WPFF Web Page: Winter 2002 Photo of Walt and Gary.  I took some liberties with Photoshop.
Favorite place to go after the game:: BJ's after 10 for the happy hour.  Although I enjoy Avenue 3, Shakey's, and Mr. B's, we had a tradition of going to TGIF after a championship win but they're so damn slow and don't care we need to find another place.
Favorite Pro - School Teams: Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Kings, Cowboys
CSUF, LBCC, Wilson High
Favorite Beer - Drink Labatt Blue - By the way, I started drinking Labatt in the early 1990's while on business trips to Detroit and long before it became fashionable with dumb TV ads about a talking Bear.
Other Photos

Summer 2010 German Chale and I led the league with .750 batting averages each.  Dave Childress' shadow is in the bottom right as the phantom photographer.

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