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Will Play For Food

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Great game! Close the whole way and down 1 in the last inning. We scored 2 on a great walk off hit by Gary. I'm out until August. Please let Coach German know if you can't make the game.


*** Gary Jones ***

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Current Status Sub 1st WPFF Season:  Winter 2001
Birth date: November 29th Zodiac Sign:  Sagittarius Chinese New Year:  Tiger
Favorite Positions:
Least Favorite Position:
Favorite WPFF  Season:
Favorite WPFF Game: The one where he played 3rd base and they hit a knuckle ball line drive that hit him on the wrist.  He had to leave the game and you could see the threads from the ball on his wrist several weeks later.
Funniest WPFF Story:
Favorite WPFF Web Page:
Favorite place to go after the game::
Favorite Pro - School Teams:
Favorite Beer - Drink Bud...  Just kidding.  Coors Light

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