Will Play For Food

Will Play For Food

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Will Play For Food

Weekly Announcement

Tough end to the season with a close loss in the Playoff Semis. Very good season overall. 1st Place Seeding and a 7-2 record. Thanks to Walt for coaching while I was on vacation. Hope everyone had a great time. See you for the Fall Season!

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2003 Cerritos Girls T-Ball

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The 2003 Rugrats With Bats
Starting Line-up

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Katie Rose

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Opening Ceremony 2003

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1996 and 2000 Olympic Gold Medal Winner for Softball

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Other Action Photos

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Top Row:  Katie and Kristi with Airbrushed Helmet, Lori winning the grand prize (from Katie's ticket), Rugrats banner
Bottom Row:  Opening day playground, Pancake breakfast, Lori with the team after a game, Katie's snack day

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