Will Play For Food

Will Play For Food

100 Wins!!!

Will Play For Food

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GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!!! CONGRATULATIONS 2001 Summer CHAMPIONS!!! From 0-2 to 6-4 at end the regular season, then 3-0 in the Playoffs!!! This team's got Madd Skills. Rest up everyone. We start the Fall Season the last week in August.

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2001 Summer Los Alamitos "D3"

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First Row:  Dave Childress, Art Jacob, Tom Woodward
Second Row:  Glenn Eddins, Danny Miller, Tom Rowe, John Cooper
Third Row:  Jeff Wilson, Walt Wilson, John Gundhus
Last Row: John Martin, Ken Van Orden



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Front Row:  Katie Gundhus, Renée Gundhus, and Kristi Gundhus
Back Row:  Nancy Miller, Karen Cooper, Sherry Wilson, Caesar, Lori Williams, Linda Martin, and Sarah Martin


Bonus Photo!!!

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