Will Play For Food

Will Play For Food

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What a great season. Taking 1st during the regular season in the upper league then hangiAng in there against Strange Brew in the championship game and playing hard all 7 innings!!! On to Los Al for a long overdue change. See you in May.

Now Playing... "Hold Your Head Up"

2013 Winter Cerritos Middle League

Playoff Runner Ups

Note:  Still learning the  iPhone camera.  The flash was too bright so I photoshoped this to get it as close as possible.  Sorry it looks like something from the civil war.

Left to Right

Front Row:  German Chale, Dean Sears, Walt Wilson, "Angry" Tom Rowe, John Gundhus, Anthony Stanley
Second Row:  "Bad" Ken Van Orden, Pat Nicolas, Ron Sears, Dave Bauer
Third Row:  Gary Jones, Greg Warren

Not Pictured:   4 people:  Robbin Messier, Tom Woodward, and 2 deadbeats that didn't pay their league fee and have been banned from the team.

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Bonus Photo

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