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Will Play For Food

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The Curse has been lifted! Congratulations on our 1st Winter Championship!!! Great Season!!! Our 2nd season going undefeated in both the regular season and playoffs! Rest up and we'll see you in April to defend our Championship!

Now Playing... "Silver and Gold"
Silver:  To celebrate our 25th Season!
Gold:  To celebrate our 1st Winter Championship!

2004 Winter Los Alamitos "D2"

1st place Regular Season / 1st Place Playoffs / Perfect Season 7-0-0
And did I forget to mention... our 1st ever Winter Championship!!!

Front Row (left to right):  Glenn Eddins, Greg Warren, Tom Rowe, John Gundhus
Middle Row:  John Cooper, Ken Van Orden, Kevin Malloy, Gary Jones
Back Row:  Jeff Wilson, Russ Frazier, Ron Nunez
Not Pictured:  John Martin, Danny Miller, Walt Wilson, Tom Woodward


Bonus Photos!!!

TGIF's.  Where Champions go to Celebrate!!!


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