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The more things change the more they stay the same. For the 2nd season in a row we were stopped by Any Given Night 1 game shy of the finals. 4th place in the regular season and 3rd place in the playoffs. Rest up and we'll see you in May.

Now Playing: "Hold Your Head Up"

2002 Winter Los Alamitos "D3"

4th place Regular Season / 3rd Place Playoffs

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First Row:  Rob Price, Danny Miller, Greg Warren
Second Row:  Art Jacob, John Gundhus, Glenn Eddins, Ken Van Orden
Last Row:  Dave Childress, Jeff Wilson, John Martin, Tom Woodward

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Unfortanately Walt and Gary were not able to make the last game.  I took their picture the week before.  Here's how it started.  Through the magic of Computers and with the help of Adobe Photoshop Deluxe, scroll down and watch how both Walt and Gary's dreams have come true!!!  For more about "The Making Of..."   Please click   here

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First Row:  Walt Wilson, Gary Jones

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First Row:  Walt Wilson, Gary Jones, Kathy Ireland

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First Row:  Walt Wilson, Gary Jones, Kathy Ireland

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First Row:  Walt Wilson, Gary Jones

wpff20021wg5.jpg (85664 bytes)

First Row:  Kotos, Walt Wilson, Gary Jones, Kang
Second Row:  USO (Unidentified Standing Object)



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Left to Right:  Jim Childress, Nancy Miller, Sherry Wilson, Lori Williams, Sindy Lin  --  Sorry for not using a flash.


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