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Will Play For Food

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One word... DEFENSE!!! There's too much to say in this announcement so please refer to the Coaches Corner link off the main page. Bottom Line... 1st Place!!! See you all in Los Alamitos in April...

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1998 Winter Long Beach "D"

2nd Place Regular Season / League Playoff Champions

wpff1998a.jpg (74275 bytes)

First Row:  Sonny Malonzo, Ken Van Orden, Art Jacob
Second Row:  Dave Dill, John Gundhus, Tom Woodward, Paul Jacob, Dave Childress
Third Row:  Walt Wilson, Glenn Eddins, Bill Hasenjager, Danny Miller
Not Pictured:  Troy Malonzo, J. C. Squires
Photo By:  A scorekeeper



Bonus Photos!!!

wpff1998b.jpg (76024 bytes)

wpff1998c.jpg (88089 bytes)

The bottom photo was taken after we won the semi-final game and before the championship game.
Photo by: Jon "Clover Room" Green

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