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Winter 1995.  Good season which came down to a single elimination tourney.  We lost a close one in the semi-finals to finish 3rd.

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1995 Winter Los Alamitos "C2"

3rd Place Playoffs

wpff19951a.jpg (70790 bytes)

First Row Sitting Left to Right:  Danny Miller, Dave Martin, Sonny Malonzo, Art Jacob, Glenn Eddins, Dave Childress
Back Row:  Tom Woodward, Bob Sneed, Greg Cravens
Standing and sitting in the back left:  John Gundhus, Ron Nunez, Rick Voithoffer, Kevin Labourne
Photo By:  Reidar Gundhus


Bonus Photos!!!

wpff19951b.jpg (66935 bytes)
Note:  The young lady sitting next to Tom Woodward was a fan of the team playing in the next game and not with us.  (I needed to say that in case Tom's wife Patty ever checks this web site).
wpff19951c.jpg (73582 bytes)
Note:  After spending many sleepless nights analyzing the team strengths, scouting the opponents weaknesses, and formulating the optimal strategy, the team manager on the left is giving key coaching instructions to the team.  As you can see, the team members, as always, are alert and respectful of what the coach has to say.

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