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Will Play For Food

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What a great finish. We needed to win our last 2 games during the season just to qualify for the last spot. Not only did we do that, we beat the #1 & #2 seeds to win our 17th playoff Championship!!! Looking forward to our 63rd season together. Thanks to Ken V for coaching while I was out.

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2016 Summer Bellflower Men's League

4th Seed & Playoff Champions!!!


Front Row:   Gary Jones, Walt Wilson, Ken Van Orden, Charlie Rotter
2nd Row:  
Brian (from the Fellowship, Dean Sears, Tom Woodward, John Gundhus
3rd Row:   Jeff Wilson, Tom Rowe, Ken Angers
Back Row:   Dominic Corales, Fred Jackson, Zach Rowe
Not Pictured:  
Dave Bauer, Will Avalon

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Walt's 70th Birthday


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