Will Play For Food

Will Play For Food

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Great Games. We won both the last game of the season and the Championship. That's our 11th as a team, our 4th Regular Season and Playoff Championship and our 2 back-to-back championship. We'll have to wait a few weeks to decide where to play. Return to Cerritos or back to Los Alamitos. Stay Tuned...

Now Playing... "We Are The Champions"

2007 Summer Cerritos "E" League

3rd (really 4th) Place Regular Season
1st Place Playoffs!!!

Left to Right

Front Row:  Dave Bauer, Glenn Eddins, Walt Wilson, Tom Rowe, German Chale, Gary Jones
Back Row:  John Gundhus, Daryl Holt, Ron Sears, Ken Van Orden, Greg Warren, Dean Sears

Not Pictured:  Tom Woodward

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Bonus Photos

     Congrats to the 2007 Summer Champions!!!


The Fans


Ken & Glenn


Gary & Dave


Tom & Daryl


Walt, Ron & Dean


Ron, Dean & German


German, John & Ken

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