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Will Play For Food

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Way to turn it around from a 2-14 loss to a Championship!!! Final score: David 16 Golieth 7.

Now Playing: "Boys Of Summer"
In honor of our
4th Consecutive Summer Championship

2003 Summer Los Alamitos "D3"

2nd place Regular Season / 1st Place Playoff Champions

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Front Row (left to right):  Danny Miller, Paul Jacob, Walt Wilson, Glenn Eddins
Middle Row:  Ken Van Orden, Art Jacob, Tom Woodward, Greg Warren
Back Row:  John Martin, Kevin Malloy Gary Jones, John Gundhus
Not Pictured:  Tom Rowe, Doug James


Bonus Photo!!!

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wpff20032c.jpg (138843 bytes)

4 summers in a row, baby!!!

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The Celebration - TGIF



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Sorry for the lame photo.  I'm still trying to figure out the digital camera.


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