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Summer 1994.  What a Great Season.  C2 League Champions!!!

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1994 Summer Los Alamitos "C2"

2nd place Regular Season / League Playoff Champions

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First Row Sitting Left to Right:  Rodney Nash, Paul Jacob, John Martin, Sonny Malonzo
Back Row:  Ron Nunez, Art Jacob, Danny Miller, Greg Cravens, Rick Voithoffer
Not Photographed:  John Gundhus, Tom Woodward, Dave Childress
Photo By:  Reidar Gundhus




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Front Row Left to Right:  Linda Martin - Reidar Gundhus, the other fan took the photo


Bonus Photos!!!

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Art Jacob is holding the trophy.  Although I missed the game, I understand Art hit the winning homerun in extra innings for a comeback win!!!

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Coach Greg Cravens with the pre-game coin toss.  This was a key because we got home field advantage.

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