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Will Play For Food

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Congratulations on a winning season record of 8-5 and making it to the playoffs. We ended with a spectacular game. Unfortunately it was 1 run and 1 bad call short. Hold Your Head Up!!!

Now Playing: "Hold Your Head Up"

2001 Fall Los Alamitos "D3"

3rd place Regular Season / 3rd Place Playoffs

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1st Row:  Art Jacob, Glenn Eddins, Dave Childress

2nd Row:  Greg Warren, John Gundhus, Ken Van Orden, Walt Wilson
Back Rows:  Tom Woodward, John Martin, Danny Miller Jeff Wilson, John Cooper



wpff20013fans.jpg (85228 bytes)

Left to Right:  Nancy Miller, Sherry Wilson, Caesar Romero, Karen Cooper, Lori Williams



Bonus Photos!!!

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