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Will Play For Food

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We lost 14-8 in the championship to LAUSD. But not before sending Arrowhead home in the first game with a 22-6 win. Great season!!! 1st in the regular season and 2nd in the playoffs. Have a great Christmas and Y2K.

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1999 Fall Los Alamitos "Rec"

League Regular Season Champions / 2nd Place Playoffs

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First Row:  Art Jacob, Sonny Malonzo, Troy Malonzo
Second Row:  Paul Jacob, Tom Woodward, Dave Childress
Third Row:  Jeff Wilson, Walt Wilson, Glenn Eddins, Ken Van Orden, John Gundhus
Not Pictured:  Tom Rowe, Pete Pearson
Photo By:  The scorekeeper (no fans this time)


Bonus Photos!!!

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